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Sunday, February 22nd:
Sunday School: 10:00 AM

Monday, February 23rd:
Strict Fast Day
Great Lent Begins
Clean Monday

Wednesday, February 25th:
Presanctified Liturgy: 10:00 AM
Choir Practice: 4:00 PM


Friday, February 27th:
Salutation Service to the Theotokos: 6:00 PM

Saturday, February 28th:
Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM (Saturday of Souls) ~ Trisagion Prayers at Southern Palms Cemetery following Liturgy.
Philoptochos Membership Luncheon: 1:00PM
Greek School: 3:00 PM


Saturday of the Souls (Psychosavato): Traditionally, the Orthodox remember the dead on a Saturday, the day Christ lay in his tomb. Four times a year, parishioners assemble to pray for all their deceased loved ones. These general memorial services, known as Saturday of Souls, take place the two Saturdays that precede the beginning of Great Lent (February 14th and 21st), the first Saturday of Great Lent (February 28th), and the Saturday before the Feast of Pentecost (May 30th). There is a popular belief that departed souls come back to earth at Easter and return the day after Pentecost. If you would like to offer prayers for the deceased, write their first name(s) clearly on the form in “The Voice”, or located in the Narthex, and Fr. Angelo will read the list toward the end of the Service. Submit names only once for the first three consecutive Saturdays. Please consider bringing kolyva in memory of your loved ones. Following the Service all the kolyva is combined, symbolizing the mixing of souls in heaven. Parishioners share the kolyva and greet each other with “O Theos na tous anapafsi” (“May God give rest to the souls of the departed.”)

Philoptochos Membership Luncheon ~ February 28th at 1:00 PM: We welcome all of you to bring a covered Lenten Dish. Also, if you would please bring the recipe. We are going to put together a small Lenten Cookbook for our community. If for some reason you cannot make it that day we would still welcome Lenten Recipes. Please feel free to bring a friend with you. We look forward to seeing you there and spending time with you!

Philoptochos/Daughters of Penelope Loukoumades Fundraiser ~ Sunday, March 1st: Please join us at Coffee Hour after Divine Liturgy for this joint fundraiser. All proceeds will be donated to St. Nicholas at Ground Zero.

World Day of Prayer ~ Friday, March 6th: Women, men and children in more than 170 countries and regions will celebrate this event. This year, the women of the WDP Committee of The Bahamas call us to consider Jesus’ words to the disciples after washing their feet: “Do you understand what I have done for you?” World Day of Prayer is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer and song each year. It was founded on the idea that prayer and action are inseparable to promote understanding, justice and equality. This year’s service will be held inside St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in sponsorship with Church Women United and the Ladies Philoptochos Society. Light refreshments will follow in The Hall. Invite your friends, family and communities of faith to join the women of The Bahamas in prayer and song. For further information, call Vickie Tsagatos at 843-449-7886.

Building Fund: The Parish of St. John’s needs your help in the costs of maintenance and upgrades to both the Hall and the Church. If you have not filled out a Building Fund Pledge Card you are encouraged to do so at this time. Please see or call Jimmy Lambrinos (843) 626-1572 or Sam Stathos (843) 238-5618 or any member of the Hall Committee with any questions.

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church Stewardship: Our St. John's Parish Family depends on regular stewardship offerings in order to continue the work of our Lord through our services and activities year round. The 2015 Stewardship Pledge forms are available today at the Pangari or from the Church Office. Please see or call Stewardship Chairman, Dr. Jimmy Kontos at (843) 213-1627, if you have any questions about stewardship. Please fulfill your commitment of your 2015 pledge today. Thank You!

Business Sponsor Ads: Sponsors offset the costs of producing a bi-monthly newsletter. The cost for a business-card sized ad is only $150 per year. Ads will appear in “The Voice” and on our parish website. Contact the Office at (843) 448-3773 for more information. Thank you to our current sponsors for your continued support.

2014-2015 Greek School Year ~ Fridays ~ 5:30 PM: We have geared up our Greek School program in the beginning of September. Parents who wish to have their child enrolled, please fill out a registration form located at the Pangari. For more information, contact Dena Platingos (585) 773-0788.

Sunday Greeters: Are you interested in being a Sunday Greeter? Please contact Loretta Siotka at (843) 399-8955.

Church Email Listserv: Do you currently receive our emails? If not please contact the Church Office (843) 448-3773 or send an email to and never miss out on weekly bulletins, announcements and more.

Orthodox Observer: If you are a steward in good standing and are not receiving the Orthodox Observer from the Archdiocese please contact the Church Office (843) 448-3773 and your name will be submitted to the Archdiocese to get on the mailing list.

St. John’s Religious Book Store and Holy Nook Gift Shop: Our parish bookstore and Holy Nook gift shop has a variety of books, icons, instructional guides, Orthodox literature, worship items, greeting cards, bracelets, pure traditional olive oil soaps from Greece (a variety of scents) "A Voyage in Greek Cooking," St. John's parish cook-book and much more. The store is located in the former kitchen in the Narthex. Please stop by following Divine Liturgy, or you may contact Anna Kouis at (843) 347-2868. If there is a book or item that we don't carry, let us know and we will try to get it for you.

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